Niamh Lacey- Business Development Executive, Wright Insurance Brokers.

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    Niamh is on a mission to help companies manage their insurance requirements by offering bespoke solutions depending on the real needs of her clients.Having previously worked for a large global insurer, specialising in food and drink manufacturers and the hospitality industry, she is in a unique position to understand exactly what the exposures are to your business and how they can be managed.


    Presentation title: Mind Your Business


    Synopsis of talk –  You know your business inside out – but does your insurance provider? As your business grows, you need to be confident that your policy is growing with you. There are some interesting covers on the market that can give you increased protection for little premium. Bespoke insurance cover doesn’t necessarily result expensive premiums. Educate yourself on the options available to you, weather you a start-up or a large national.

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