Michele Hallahan-LEED AP, Sustainability Consultant Ireland

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    Michele started off as a craft micro-brewer in California, brewing at an eco-designed and sustainably managed lager brewery.  From these humble beginnings, she has become a senior sustainability consultant, with a specialty in the hospitality industry.  She has certified hotels (Hilton, Westin on Times Square, NY, Kimpton hotels) around the world to the Green Seal standard GS33, and has worked with businesses implementing international standard ISO 20121/ BS 8901 for Sustainable Event Management.


    She has contributed to LEED certified buildings in the USA and among other projects, has written sustainability guidelines and procedures for various companies around the world, including guidelines on minimising food waste and sustainable food sourcing. Most recently, she is implementing sustainability initiatives for Trinity College Dublin, including waste minimisation and food waste management.  She has worked with a variety of businesses to establish eco-efficient practices, sustainable supply chains and management systems.

    Michele has presented at international conferences on sustainability and co-edited and co-authored the critically acclaimed book, “Source – a sustainable guide to holistic living in Ireland”.   She also created the first Green Map™ in Ireland for Temple Bar Area.

    Presentation Title: Sustainable Hospitality – How to get it Right

    Presentation Synopsis: Tourism and hospitality are some of the most wasteful industries on the planet, after construction and event management. Anything wasted is lost revenue/ income, in any industry. Single use packaging ensures maximum waste, and as tourists we use more electricity and water when we travel than when we are at home. There are many simple, easy changes which can make your venue/ business more financially trim, environmentally conscious, while simultaneously improving quality. Join Michele to learn how to get sustainability right.

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