Keith Slowey-Founder & CEO, Ihotelligence, Ireland

  • Keith is the Founder and CEO of iHotelligence.

    Keith began his career in 1994 working with Slowey Systems, Ireland’s oldest POS Company established in 1926. Since 1994 Keith has been directly involved with sales, project management, installation and training of Hotel Management Software solutions for hundreds of hotels throughout Ireland and the UK. Keith holds a Degree in Management from the Irish Management Institute and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

    In 2009, after many years of been a distributor of Hotel Property Management Systems, Keith had a vision of how hotels could be helped to increase efficiency and reduce commission with simple to use technology, at the right price and with service and support that befits the hospitality industry. Keith consulted with lots of his valued clients, hired superb people and together they set out on the iHotelligence journey. iHotelligence is now one of Europe’s leading Hotel Management Software suites.

    Presentation Title:  How hotels can profit from OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) while reducing commissions.

    Synopsis: This presentation will outline how hotels can successfully use tools such as to drive more customers to their own websites and win more business directly while reducing commissions.

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