Eugene M. Ferris-Managing Director, Prima Escrow International.

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    Eugene has been executing escrows since 1988.  Background in international Escrows, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial and Private Banking.

    He applies his knowledge and experience to help Irish businesses in all sectors use Escrows to widen their market and lower risk. He’s successfully executed escrows for Irish companies in three continents.

    Title of Presentation:

    The question of payment and risk with new customers and suppliers; Escrow is often a good answer.


    The presentation will start by explaining an escrow, what it is, who can use it, how it’s used, costs, why and when should it be considered. It will give the listener enough knowledge of the escrow process to know when an escrow is appropriate for their business and when it is not. It will point out the advantage of using escrow for international food trade.

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