Ella Nilakanthi Ford- Director Satamana, Managing Partner Integral Performance

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    An international professional advising on business development especially in new markets, organisational transformation and effective leadership including Cultural sensitisation, Diversity  andTalent Management.


    Used to working across cultures and international borders NilaKanthi has been Chairperson or a Guest Speaker at several conferences including

    NilaKanthi Ford has worked in organisational restructuring and transformation, leadership and culture development for 30 years.  She has been involved closely with international stakeholders at all levels, facilitating substantial and sustained improvements in organisational performance by working through the strategy and developing the people.


    She has been instrumental in facilitating effective working relationships between Multinationals, statutory and Government authorities as well as investment houses and other financial institutions worldwide.  In addition, she has been effective in coaching and mentoring leaders and their teams all over the world.


    In the 1990’s, NilaKanthi was responsible for opening up new infrastructure business opportunities in many of the BRIC countries and afield.  She also became involved with many international business networks including Women in Business for which she was subsequently to become Chair for London.

    As International Director for a Swedish company, she led the drive to open up new market opportunities in Eastern Europe, UK, Africa and South America. Since 2002, NilaKanthi has led business development, coaching and leadership programmes for start-ups, multinationals and SMEs.

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