Cillian Murphy-Owner, CillianMurphyConsulting

  • Cillian Murphy co-founded Loop Head Tourism in 2009 to ensure that tourism development of the Loop Head Peninsula would take place in a responsible manner with the full backing of the local community. The peninsula has won many awards for the manner in which it has developed.

    He has spoken on the importance of community involvement in tourism development many times including at World Travel Market in London and The World Bank Group Tourism Forum in Washington.

    Currently studying for his Masters in Responsible Tourism under Prof. Harold Goodwin at Manchester Metropolitan University.

    He is a member of the steering group for Clare Tourism and has his own consultancy dedicated to responsible tourism development for community benefit.

    Presentation Title: Tourism, Cooking your dinner, or burning your house down.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    “Overtourism” is becoming a fact of life in many destinations around the world and threatening the sustainability of the industry. The solution may come from ensuring that host communities set the tourism development agenda for themselves.

    The presentation will use the Loop Head Peninsula as an example of how communities can take control of managing their own destinations to make sure it delivers for them instead of external operators.

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