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Poor communications and impractical systems often dampen motivation and increase resistance in the manufacturing environment, leading to waste, stagnation and poor operational risk management. SeaChange are lean behaviour-based communication experts who provide practical risk management solutions that are proven to drive sustainable behavioural change in a number of areas; Health & Safety, FLM Leadership & SLT Coaching, Selection & Assessment, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Do you find, despite the systems you‘ve put in place, it’s challenging to get everyone to fully engage and take responsibility for standards?

For example even in the most progressive organisations, the safety message gets stale and disconnected from staff behaviours. A glass ceiling gets created, but SeaChange helps you to break through and leverage sustainable safety performance through an improved safety culture.

We know that staff get disengaged over time; that ‘buddy systems’ don’t work; and that front-line management is often the pinch-point leading to stagnation. Our innovative Behavioural Safety solution:

  1. Identifies and measures the psychological factors leading to unsafe behaviours.
  2. Communicates the safety message in a practical, interactive and meaningful way.
  3. Measures progress and continuous improvement so that safe behaviours grow sustainably from the ground up.

Our measurable programmes are proven to increase safety awareness and ownership on the factory floor. Results include reduced policing time, decreased absenteeism, reduced claims, increased morale, increased productivity and increased performance.

‘SeaChange enabled us to break through the ceiling and make a real behavioural breakthrough onsite, giving us outstanding results and notoriety within the global group’ – Liam Carmody, Site Director, Danone Wexford

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