Gene Curry Shop & Bar Equipment

Our company, with over thirty years’ experience, is progressing into this new millennium with revolutionary concepts in customer service and product innovation.
Machines from all around Europe, with worldwide recognition for quality and design can be found in our portfolio of food service machines.
Our Range of Ice Cream and Milkshake machinery has grown to include the Nissei
Soft ice cream machine with State of the Art produced equipment, in quality, performance and multifunctional use. The most advanced technology is to be found in the single freezing cylinder Combi machines. Out of 1 single ice mix ingredient, the Combi creates 1 flavour soft ice cream, 4 flavour milkshakes and a multiple varieties of Sundaes and Twister ice creams.

Whether you want to capitalise on the “to go” market, or offer your customers a range of freshly prepared hot beverages, we have a machine to suit you. From professional espresso machines to Multi beverage hot drink machines and fresh coffee bean grinders. A choice of colours and finishes are available.
We also supply slush machines, frozen cocktail machines and sherbet machines. Syrups and concentrates for these machines are always available in a wide range of flavours for our customers.
ZUMEX juice machines attract customers and markets itself on the strength of its product, natural, freshly squeezed orange juice. The machine is patented in over seventy countries, and is recognised as an excellent investment. A number of sizes are available including a multi juice machine.
Our experience gives our customers peace of mind and many profitable years from their machines.

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