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    • Retail Excellence

      Retail Excellence 

      Established in 1995, Retail Excellence is owned by the members, for the members. We are a not for profits organisation designed to support our members in key areas. Retail Excellence involves over 1,700 member companies employing over 110,000 people. Our members are the most progressive and innovative in the market. We make every effort to deliver activity which is wholeheartedly based on member needs. Retail Excellence is by far the largest retail industry body in Ireland Who can join Retail Excellence? Any retail company which operates in the ROI market can join Retail Excellence on

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    • Restaurants Association of Ireland

      Restaurants Association of Ireland 

      The Restaurants Association of Ireland was formed in 1970 with the initial goal of forming a strong lobby that would represent the industry at Government level on issues of importance to the Irish restaurant industry. Nine branches were formed around the country, all of which still exist today. The Association’s efforts in 1986 to get VAT reduced from 25% to 10% and again in 2013 to maintain the VAT at 9% was the result of the expert lobbying of a group o

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